Vacuum handling tool kit
Order. Nr.: NRU-0083

Vacuum handling tool kit for working with SMD elements. The right tool for simple and precise handling of SMD elements.

Order. Nr.: NRU-0083
Class Accessories
Sub class Tools

Order no.: NRU-0083
Price:        € 15,50 zzgl. MwSt.


  • hand-held vacuum SMD picker with straight and bent tips with suction cups
  • easy and reliable tool for handling devices without damaging leads
  • prevents static shock that could damage devices
  • prevents package contamination
  • made from soft ESD-safe conductive silicone
  • using: squeeze the vacuum bulb, place the suction cup on the part to be picked up, then release your squeeze
  • parts included in the set:
    • 1x vacuum pen
    • 3x rubber cups (small, medium, large)
    • clear plastic carrying case to prevent damage or contamination of the pen and its components

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