Remote control support of PG4UW software

The remote control feature allows to be PG4UW software flow controlled by other application – either using .BAT file commands or using DLL file. Remote control of PG4UW control program allows to control selected functions of PG4UW application by other application. This is very suitable feature for integrating ELNEC programmer to mass-production handler system or other useful application - for example to control PG4UW from the integrated development environment software.

Two basic ways to remote control of Pg4uw:

Picture 1: Controlling PG4UW with remote control program (example: program PG4UWrem.exe - part of PG4UW software delivery).

Picture 2: Controlling PG4UW with command line remote control program PG4UWcmd.exe (also part of PG4UW software delivery).

Because the TCP/IP mode is used for sending messages between PG4UW software and remote software, the worldwide control of PG4UW over Internet is possible.

For further information about remote control of PG4UW, please look at PG4UW remote control manual