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ISP Diagnostic-POD


  • enables self-diagnostic of ISP connectors and ISP cables of Elnec programmers (similar to selftest+ of ZIF socket)

  • optional accessories for programmers with 6-pin and 10-pin ISP connector (BeeProg, SmartProg, SmartProg2, PIKprog+, PIKprog2,T51prog, T51prog2)

  • order no.: 70-0208

  • Price: 28,97


Testing PODs
48 Pins Calibration test POD, Type I
  • testing calibration status of 48-pin universal programmers and multiprogrammers
  • only voltmeter (multimeter) required for testing
  • package included:
    - the 48 Pins Calibration test POD, Type I
    - faston and toothed lock washer for the programmer's earthing point
  • ord.no. 70-0438
  • Price: 69,00

  • documentation

Upgrade kit Xprog2 to SmartProg2

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