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ISP Programmer for National Semiconductor COP8F Family

Short description:
  • Built-In FLASH Programmer




inDART-COP8F/P is a powerful entry-level tool for National Semiconductor COP8-based systems. inDART-COP8F/P takes advantage of SofTec Microsystems' DataBlaze programming interface and the ISP (In-System Programming) feature to program the FLASH memory of the COP8 family of microcontrollers. inDART-COP8F/P is connected to the host PC through a parallel port, while the 10-pin probe of the product fits into the target's ISP connector. inDART-COP8F/P can be powered by the target application (through the ISP connector) and works from 2.7 to 5.5 V. inDART-COP8F/P implements a very fast ISP programming algorithm: an erase/program/verify cycle is performed in less than 15 seconds on a 32K device.

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What is In-System Programming (ISP)?

The ISP feature allows you to update the content of the FLASH program memory when the chip is already plugged on the application board. The ISP feature can be implemented with a minimum number of added components and board area impact. inDART-COP8F/P uses a 10-pin ISP connector to program the target device. You must therefore provide such connector on your target board. The serial ISP routines are implemented over the SI, SO and SK lines of the COP8 MICROWIRE/PLUS interface. In order to enter the ISP programming mode under all conditions--in particular when the option bit 0 (FLEX) is set--inDART-COP8F/P supplies a 2 x VCC voltage to the SI pin.

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DataBlaze Programming Environment

DataBlaze is a full-featured, easy-to-use programming utility. It offers memory editing capabilities, blank check/erase/read/program/verify operations and project handling. DataBlaze is a common programming environment for all of the inDART series tools.

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Supported devices

  • COP8AME9
  • COP8ANE9
  • COP8CBE9
  • COP8CBR9
  • COP8CCE9
  • COP8CCR9
  • COP8CDE9
  • COP8CDR9
  • COP8SBR9
  • COP8SCR9
  • COP8SDR9
At a Glance
  • Programming Capabilities: ISP Programming; Full Option Byte Control; Blank Check/ Erase/ Program/ Read/ Verify FLASH memory
  • Software: Windows 9x/Me/2000/NT/XP Compatible
  • Communication: Parallel Connection to the Host PC, ISP Connection to the Target Board
  • Power Supply: Provided by the Target Board through the ISP Connector

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Price:  NS inDART-COP8F/P  €  98,97  zzgl. MWSt.

Programmer price also includes

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